Downlaod IDE (Unity)

Alhamdulilah ketemu lagi dengan saya,What Is Unity ? Unity is an integrated authoring tool for creating 3D video games or other interactive content such as architectural visualizations or real-time 3D animations. Unity’s development environment runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and the games it produces can be run on Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii,[2] iPad, iPhone,[3] as well as the Android platform. It can also produce browser games that use the Unity web player plugin, supported on Mac and Windows but not Linux. The web player is also used for deployment as Mac widgets.
Unity consists of both an editor[4] for developing/designing content and a game engine[5] for executing the final product. Unity is similar to Director, Blender game engine, Virtools, Torque Game Builder, and Gamestudio, which also use an integrated graphical environment as the primary method of development.
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Download File IDE nya di

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