(Java)Install ZK_framework for eclipse

ZK is an open-source Ajax Web application framework, written in Java,that enables creation of rich graphical user interfaces for Web applications without the application developer having to write JavaScript (despite the J in Ajax acronym standing for JavaScript) and with little required programming knowledge. The core of ZK consists of an Ajax-based event-driven mechanism, over 123 XUL and 83 XHTML-based components,[5] and a markup language for designing user interfaces. Programmers design their application pages in feature-rich XUL/XHTML components, and manipulate them upon events triggered by end user’s activity. It is similar to the programming model found in desktop GUI-based applications.

ZK takes the so called server-centric approach that the content synchronization of components and the event pipelining between clients and servers are automatically done by the engine and Ajax plumbing codes are completely transparent to web application developers. Therefore, the end users get the similar engaged interactivity and responsiveness as a desktop application, while programmers’ development retains a similar simplicity to that of desktop applications.

Tutorial ZK Framework
ZKoss .org

1. Open eclipse IDE

2. Help – Install New Software

3. Add

Name :zk
location : http://studio.zkoss.org/resource/plugins/eclipse_3_7

4. Next

5. Process Instaling Software ZK

reference : http://books.zkoss.org/wiki/ZK_Studio_Essentials/Installation#Online_Installation


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