(Java) Ebook Zk_Framework

Ini kah creator pembuat nya ….Björn Bruhns is a Java developer with about 15 years experience. He’s working a long time in the enterprise environment for big automotive companies . Björn doing most of the complex technical initial implementations of the sample project. His Zkoss forum nick is ‘Daibutsu’.

Table of contents
1.About the Authors
3.Update ZK libs from 3.6.3 to 5.x
3.1.Changes in the Configuration (for zk 5.04)
3.2.Changes in the Configuration (for zk 5.06)
3.3.Changes in the Configuration (for zk
3.4.Changes in the Configuration (for zk 5.0.10)
4.Used frameworks
6.Download and Install
7.A little bit about maven
8.An overview about the tiers
9.The backend
10.The fronted.
10.1.What’s in a standard module (annotate databinded).
10.2.The Module MainController.
10.3.The list window (manual databinded in controller code)
10.4.The dialog window
10.5.Reporting with DynamicJasper
12.The configuration files.
13.1.Spring AOP.
13.4.Spring Bean scopes.
13.5.An one-time-password implementation..
14.Junit testing.
15.How To’s and special components.
15.1.How to build a custom constraint with a parameter.
15.2.How to declare a custom constraint with parameter in zuml .
15.4.How to overhand parameters to composers.
15.5.Long running operations – The Echo Event.
15.6.Modal (Search) Dialogs that are getting back an object.
15.7.EventQueues. We are building a StatusBar controller.
15.8.EventQueues. We are building a MessageBar controller.
15.9.Dashboard modules.
16.Avoid common failures
16.1.DataBinder failures.
17.How to replace the inMemory H2 sample database.
18.The package structure.
18.3.History of changes


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