(Java)Jade (Jave Agent Development Environment)

Jade (Jave Agent Development Environment) is a robust and efficient environment for distributed “agent” systems. It was developped in Italy jointly by CSELT (Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecommunicazioni) in conjunction with the Computer Engineering Group of the University of Parma. Jade follows the FIPA standards [Note: CSELT is now known as Telecomm Italia Lab (tilab) ].

The official web site for JADE is: http://jade.cselt.it

We used Jade for the programming assignments in a course on Agent technology at the Universite of Montreal ( ift6802 ). It proved to be a good choice because:
•it had all the agent features that we needed (and more)
•communication between student “agents” running on various workstations on the network was trivial to do
•it was efficient and tolerant of faulty programming
•it followed FIPA standards
•the user group is very active and implementors typically respond to problems within 24 hours
[ Hats off to Fabio Bellifemine and Giovanni Caire ]
On the negative side, JADE may be disappointing to AI people because it lacks mechanisms for “intelligence”, planning or reasoning. However, the JAVA base means that JADE can interact relatively easily with Java implementations of Prolog or Expert systems (JESS).
After dabbling with various agent toolkits, our impression is that Jade embodies extensive experience in the implementation of large Agent systems. Furthermore, it is free software. [Note: this contrasts favourably with our painful and expensive experience with Jack. ]

However, this maturity leads to difficulty for learners. Many Jade features deal with sophisticated matters that beginners either don’t need or don’t understand. Similarly, most documentation (reports and Javadoc) is suitable for experienced users but quite inadequate for learners. The examples that come with the distribution are fairly long and designed to show off advanced features, not to illustrate Jade basics.

[ Note: in december 2003, the Jade team finally added a tutorial – along the same lines as our primer – which addresses these shortcomings ]

These pages concentrate on the basics and we make it a point to use small examples which grow progressively. Longer examples at the end of the primer were written by A. NCho.

 * To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
 * and open the template in the editor.
package helloagent;

import jade.core.Agent;

 * @author Root
public class HelloAgent extends Agent{

     * @param args the command line arguments
    protected void setup(){
        System.out.println("Hello World. ");
        System.out.println("My Name is " + getLocalName());

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