(Android,iPhone,Blackberry,WIndows Phone 8) Membuat Aplikasi Mobile dengan Titanium SDK Platform Java Script

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Kemaren ane sudah posting masalah Framework yang dapat berjalan di semua device mobile, apa itu ? Cordova – Phone Gap. benar sekali, konsepnya sama dengan cordova phonegap kemaren, tetapi menurut ane lebih di mudahkan untuk membuat aplikasi di Titanium SDK ini, karena semua nya tinggal Drag and Drop Feature, tidak seperti di Cordova yang harus memasukkan permmisson terlebih dahulu bila ingin menggunakan feature tersebut.


The Titanium SDK provides community developers with an unmatched ability to create quality native, mobile web or rich hybrid applications to all platforms from a single code base, using JavaScript. With over 5,000 APIs, Titanium allows you to deliver an immersive user experience at a fraction of the time compared with traditional native platforms, and without compromise.
The Titanium SDK is an open source SDK with more than 478,101 community developers contributing constantly to further enhance and extend it. Independent developers, ISVs, and partners can create Modules to extend the SDK with mobile user interface controls, access to 3rd party services, and leverage any native platform API.http://www.appcelerator.com/





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